Growing up in the heart of Los Angeles is not always what it appears to be on television. In LA's, South Central Crenshaw District, a young man named Jerry West was quietly grinding in hopes of making his dreams a reality. When attending 59th Street Elementary, most famous by one of his idols Nipsey Hussle and then later playing at Crenshaw High. Jerry had a vision in the hopes of becoming a basketball star. While in college, Jerry made a life-changing decision that would change his life forever. He decided if he had no chances of playing professional sports, he might need to start focusing on a backup plan.
Like many of his peer's Jerry saw and felt the pressures of growing up BLACK in America. At a young age, he lost his dad & sister two years apart. Redirecting some of his energy, he later noticed a different passion, MUSIC. Music was a part of Jerry's life while idealizing some of Los Angeles's most prolific stars (NWA, Ice Cube). Known in the area as the young, scrappy, hard-working competitive basketball player, Jerry was at home brewing for the right opportunity to showcase this new lyrical talent. Recording with a buddy using tracks he would get from YouTube, he realized that he had something special. With no need to write things down, only using his mental database of lyrics and melodies, Jerry decided he was fully committed to becoming an Artist.


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His goal was not only to motivate but to inspire.  Birthing the CHASE MORE persona, Chase More is an idea created to represent the constant chase to achieve more through all aspects of life. CHASE MORE SMILES, CHASE MORE LOVE, CHASE MORE POSITIVITY, and CHASE MORE LIFE!! As time went on, Jerry started to build relationships, work with other artists, and got a deal with GRIND KINGS. GRIND KINGS is a pulsating, symbiotic world where the best of the best of fresh lifestyle content converges on the WEB, Network and Cable TV, Consumer-driven live presentations, Tours, Concerts, Mentorship Programs, and Mobile media. Additionally, GRIND KINGS supports its mission with a collection of promotional merchandise available in its online store. What makes GRIND KINGS unique is that we do not believe that success has geographic boundaries. Success is success be it obtained and sustained on the bustling streets of New York or New Delhi, Melbourne or Miami, Lagos or London. Success is universal and by virtue should be shared and experienced by like-minded individuals on a global scale.